We started Windmill to help you feel more comfortable at home

The unit that started it all.

It must run in the family. Back in the 60s, Grandpa Tony started a small AC business in NYC with his son, George. That business is now in its third generation and services some of the largest buildings in the country.

A lot’s changed since the Grandpa Tony days, but as a whole, window AC units haven’t gotten much of an upgrade. They’re still clunky, and finding the right one is still a pain. Staying comfortable shouldn’t be so... uncomfortable.

Combining a fresh, young perspective with 60 years of AC expertise, we started a new company and built a quality unit with today’s needs in mind.

We think Grandpa Tony would be proud.

Cool since day one.

We believe in

Beautiful, simple technology

Our ACs are intuitive, and you don’t have to be an HVAC expert to get up and running.

Better urban living

Every square inch matters in your home. So, we designed our AC to blend right in.

Cleaner, healthier air

The air quality in your space is as important as ever. From efficient air flow to dual-filtration and filter subscriptions, we help take care of your air.

Friendly support

We’re here when you need us, whether you have a simple question or just need some extra help getting started.

AC Unit

Minding our impact

We strive for the highest standard of energy efficiency and do what we can to lessen the environmental impact of our ACs.

Carbon offsetting program

More eco-friendly refrigerant

Remote control efficiency

AC for you, AC for nature

Trees are sometimes called 'nature's air conditioner' - they take in carbon dioxide from the air and help prevent our planet from overheating. But unfortunately, trees haven't been able to keep up with the world's increasing carbon emissions. To do our part, we're investing in tree protection and restoration projects to help offset the carbon footprint of every Windmill AC purchased.

Learn more about our carbon offsetting program

Do your part

Recycle your old AC unit at a facility near you.

Life with Windmill
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"The iPhone of air conditioners"

Forbes - July, 2020

"Far nicer than any unit on the market right now"

Gear Patrol - July, 2020

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Add some breeze


Step 1 - Window type

We need to make sure your window can hold an AC unit safely. It must be a single- or double-hung window (it should slide up and down) and be in good condition. Does this describe your window?
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Step 2 - Window Size

Great! Let’s figure out window size. The Windmill AC is designed to fit windows with a width of 23-37 inches and a vertical opening of at least 14 inches. Sounds accurate?
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Step 3 - Space Size

OK, what's the approximate size of your space? Best guess is fine!
(100-250 Square ft.)
(250-350 Square ft.)
(350+ Square ft.)
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And here's the Windmill for you! We wish you many breezy days.